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Postproduction|Art Direction|CI Development|Graphics|HTML/CSS

more about me

I AM visualflo

I am a freelance graphics designer. Born and raised in Hamburg, I travel the world extensively to draw upon unique experiences and inspiration to service clients around the world.

What I like

This is a small list of work I like and prefer. But I'm always looking for new experiences and stuff to learn.

  • Postproduction
  • Mobile & Web Design
  • CI/Logos
  • Digital Assistant
  • Photography
  • Programming HTML/CSS

About me

Freelancer since 2011. Open minded to new projects and experiences.


Here is a small list of the services I can offer. If the service you’re after is not listed here, simply get in contact with me below.


I have plenty of experience in editing, retouching and picture composition to give your pictures a look.

Corporate Design/Branding

Corporate identity: Logos, business documents, business cards, advertisements etc.


Professional pictures for your business, coworkers etc.

Website support

Programming in HTML/CSS. For other web support, I work closely with a programmer who I’ve worked with for years.

Print Media

Anything you need: Flyers, business cards, business papers, posters, product design etc.

Anything else

If you’re not sure if the service you require is on offer here, feel free to get in touch!


I work with great brands and close partnerships with really cool clients let us do work hand in hand.


Note: I'am working on my portfolio. If you don't see my portfolio try refresh

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Want to say "Hi", got any questions or want to know more about me? Feel free to drop me an email or just call me. I'll get back to you ASAP.